Welcome To Wild Globe Travel Consultancy

Welcome to my Wild Globe and to my vision of wildlife travel, a vision where every trip is treated as a unique adventure and where every traveller has the freedom to choose the experiences they will carry with them throughout their lives. Whether your dream is to see a snow leopard in India, a jaguar in Brazil or a mountain gorilla in Uganda, wildlife travel is a different, more personal affair than conventional tourism and no one should be expected to compromise their aspirations.

There are consequently no set tours on this website, as my main objective has always been to provide intimate and natural wildlife encounters and to ensure that people see and do exactly what they have always dreamed of. This is my starting point when I begin planning any tour and how your own special journey unfolds will ultimately depend on you, as I simply organise the detail making everything possible. My personal vision also extends well beyond each individual guest, where the animals are as important as the people hoping to see them and where travel and conservation go hand in hand to the benefit of all. If my tours do not contribute to the survival of the beautiful creatures being searched for or to the protection of the habitat in which they occur, then I am not doing the job that I so passionately believe in. In this day and age, with so many species on the very brink of extinction, wildlife travel has to be about more than just finding and photographing a specific animal and instead we have to play a part in ensuring the future survival of that animal for subsequent generations to enjoy.

My views on conservation and the services that I offer are outlined in various sections of this website, which I hope will eventually become a detailed travel resource and will encourage a slightly different perspective in terms of how we view wild animals and the lengths we are prepared to go to in order to protect them. I have enjoyed an astounding journey across this remarkable planet and I now invite you to share in the natural wonders that I have been so privileged to gaze upon.