Sample Trips


When I first started planning this website, my intention was to produce detailed sample trips regarding every major destination that I am familiar with, to enable travellers to choose the various sections of each possible tour that appealed to them. Although all of the outlined trips could be experienced more or less as described, I did not expect the majority of people to be able to travel for extended periods and that these itineraries would therefore be used more as a guide to the highlights of a particular country. Whilst this remains the case regarding the thirteen sample itineraries produced to date, as they take a long time to write and I am often side-tracked by other projects, I soon realised that it is more or less impossible to create and maintain accurate sample tours regarding the 45 or so countries that I travel in. A few of the minor details on the attached itineraries are already out of date and I knew that as soon as I had completed the final one, I would need to begin revising them all. This did not make a great deal of sense to me and I subsequently decided that instead of detailing every possible option in each country, I would concentrate on producing trip reports regarding my actual travels, which would enable people to follow where I have been and what I have seen recently. I will not therefore be adding to these sample tours, but I hold identical details for every destination that I visit, so please contact me if you require further information on a country or region that is not listed.

Excluding several European countries, which I have not incorporated at this stage, primarily because they are so easy to both research and visit independently, all of the countries that I know well and travel in are listed on the destinations page.

As each of them are so familiar to me, the tours have been written as if I was personally leading them, although this is certainly not necessary and they can all be taken by any number of guests with expert assistance in each country from the dependable and knowledgeable local guides. Most of the tours are ideal for couples, families or small groups and travellers can arrange to spend as little or as much time with their guides as they choose. In some cases personal guides are not even necessary, although in others they definitely are, as it is often just a case of arranging reliable transfers between locations and then using the generally expert guiding services at each carefully selected lodge.


Self-driving trips can also be arranged in many regions and these can work particularly well in North America, where serious wildlife viewing is still in its infancy and there are relatively few first class guides. However, I would add that unless each area or target animal is thoroughly researched, you can waste a great deal of time without the benefit of a guide, as their local knowledge is often indispensable when searching for rare animals.

Basically my endeavour is to provide wildlife enthusiasts and adventurous travellers with the level of service that I would expect on every trip. This does not necessarily mean luxury hotels or outstanding facilities, as these simply may not exist in some of the more remote regions that have to be visited to either experience a unique landscape or to find a specific animal. Instead, I expect that every local operator and guide will treat each guest professionally and that all tours will proceed safely and as arranged in advance. Of course when dealing with wildlife there are so many variables involved, a simple change in the weather can alter an animal’s anticipated behaviour or routine, that things can still go wrong, but even then I expect my guides in the field to minimise any disruption and to proceed, as far as it is possible and safe to do so, as per my guest’s requirements.

This is what the tours I arrange are all about, the freedom for each individual to choose how their personal adventure will unfold. With a little forward planning and the right expert local assistance, there is very little that cannot be arranged across the globe and each trip should be specifically tailored to exactly what you want to see and do.

For a view of what is possible at just a few of the destinations I visit, please click on the links below and if you would like to learn more about these or other destinations, please visit the Trip Reports section of this website.


Sample Trips

1) An Introduction to the Wildlife of Brazil (Brazil & Argentina)

2) Namibia Discovered

3) Beguiling India

4) Contrasts of Chile (Chile & Argentina)

5) The Tanzania Wildlife Meander

6) Wild Canada

7) Uganda – The Long Way Round (Uganda and Rwanda)

8) Costa Rica Explorer

9) Kenya In Depth

10) The Jewels of Rajasthan (India)

11) Desert, Delta and Falls (Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe)

12) Visions of Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)

13) The Great South Africa Road Trip (South Africa & Swaziland)