Excluding several countries in Europe, which I can also assist with, but are generally fairly easy to travel within, these are the destinations that I either know well and can organise trips to or can advise upon regarding specific locations or regions. Given the amount of countries that I travel within, I have not visited a few for some time, but I maintain contacts in the vast majority and am planning trips to most of the remainder within the near future.

Of course it is not possible to visit every destination of each country on a regular cycle, which is why I rely on my local operators and guides to update me regarding any significant changes. I do not arrange set trips in advance, as all itineraries are planned on an individual basis according to the specific requirements of each guest. In this way, I am always made aware of any changes and exactly what will work at each destination, as opposed to relying on old information. This is essential, particularly when organising wildlife tours, as not only will the infrastructure of a destination change over time, with new roads and accommodation being built, but so will the movement of some animals and a location that may have been perfect to see a specific animal at two years ago, may now be obsolete.

A list of the tours that I will personally participate on over the next eighteen months or so will always appear on the future tours page of this website, although these are generally only the longer trips that have been planned well in advance and I am likely to add additional tours at short notice.

Whilst I will occasionally visit and research new destinations, I do not plan to add many more in the foreseeable future, as I already visit over 60 countries, including those in Europe, and it is not practical to maintain reliable contacts or accurate information regarding a great deal more.

Finally, please note that although I have visited and can advise on all of the destinations listed below, I do not operate trips to them all at any one given time, as some are in politically unstable regions and conditions on the ground can change more or less overnight in several of them. A small number of these destinations are simply not currently safe to travel to and I suspect that will always be the case regarding a few countries at any given time, although of course it will not always be the same countries. In addition, local operators come and go and when this occurs I do not run trips to that destination until I have personally visited and established a relationship with a new reliable contact.

Central, East and Southern Africa

Botswana – Central African Republic – Democratic Republic of the Congo – Ethiopia – Gabon – Kenya – Lesotho – Madagascar – Malawi – Mozambique – Namibia – Republic of the Congo – Rwanda – South Africa – Swaziland – Tanzania – Uganda – Zambia – Zimbabwe

North Africa and the Middle East

Algeria – Egypt – Israel – Jordan – Morocco – Saudi Arabia – Tunisia

Central and South America

Argentina – Bolivia – Brazil – Chile – Colombia – Costa Rica – Ecuador – Guyana – Nicaragua – Panama – Paraguay – Peru – Venezuela

North America

Canada – Mexico – United States

Asia and Australia

Australia – Bangladesh – China (Tibet) – India – Japan – Malaysia (Borneo) – Mongolia – Nepal – Republic of Indonesia (Borneo, Java and Sumatra) – Sri Lanka